Mobilize Together!

As we mentioned yesterday, we are preparing for an emergency rally when or if Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We consider the firing of Mueller a major event that would require a response. We understand that a sizable number of you simply cannot drop everything and head to protest. That being the case, if you can do it then please show up. If Trump does get rid of Mueller then we are facing a major constitutional crisis. It’s important to have numbers and be visible nationwide. Today we are introducing you to an easy app that will serve as our urgent alert and rapid response vehicle. We will not send any messages unless something major does happen, but if Mueller is fired or Trump preemptively starts to pardon everyone then you will know as soon as we do. You will also receive detailed instructions about the plan and protest at that time.

Please pass along to anyone in any group or no group that wants in. The more, the better!

Action: Sign up for rapid response alerts.

Step1: Download the Telegram App to your phone.

Telegram App in Google play:

Telegram App in iTunes app store:

Step2: Click the link below on your phone.

Step3: Click Join. That’s it!

(The channel name is Indivisible Emergency Alert Greater Seattle)

Please pass along the information to others so we really can mobilize in large numbers!

(and ask them to pass it along to someone you don’t know)

I hope we never have to use it, but we need a rapid response system in place regardless of what happens to Mueller.