Keep Trump from killing Obamacare, and VOTE!

This week the GOP-proposed replacement for the ACA failed by a single vote.  Now there is some talk on Congress of a bipartisan effort to address perceived problems with the ACA - something that GOP leaders previously refused to consider.  But Trump has still threatened to “let Obamacare implode,” and he has already started to carry out his threat.

Action 1:  Demand the lawmakers stop Trump's efforts to kill the ACA.

A New York Times article last week listed six ways Trump can kill the ACA:

  • Weaken enforcement of the individual mandate – lack of enforcement for universal health insurance coverage
  • Impose work requirements or charging premiums for Medicaid – making it harder for poor people to afford health care insurance
  • Fail to do outreach – resulting in lowering sign-ups
  • Reduce tax credits – meant to cover 70% of the average customer’s bill, supports affordability for middle-class families
  • De-fund subsidies to insurers for out-of-pocket expenses – insurance companies’ participation depends on these subsidies
  • Redefine essential health benefits – letting states drop requirements for certain benefits

Today, email your lawmakers to urge them not to permit the ACA to be killed through Trump’s efforts.   In your email, describe why you think one or more of these efforts needs to be addressed or reversed – for example, not allowing essential benefits to be reduced, such as women’s reproductive issues, preventive services, etc., or making Medicaid recipients have employment or pay premiums, cutting many out of coverage.

Representative Pramila Jayapal -

Representative Adam Smith -

Senator Maria Cantwell -

Senator Patty Murray -

"What Trump is Already Doing to 'Let Obamacare Fail' -

Action 2:  VOTE in the August 1st election.

If you have not already submitted your mail-in ballot for the August 1st election, now is the perfect time to fill it out and send it in (or use a ballot dropbox, see below).  Why?  

1)  Your vote matters – after this week’s Trumpcare vote failed by one vote, we know that even one vote can make a difference!  

2) Important races are being decided. Almost all of us have city and county races and initiatives on the ballot. Some of us may even have special elections for the State Senate or House.

3) This is a chance to show Congressional lawmakers, especially Republicans, that we mean business at the ballot box.  We WILL vote, even on special elections!  We ARE engaged!  We are still resisting!

List of candidates and issues (King County):

Ballot drop boxes (in King County):

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