Pause Pharmaceutical Fundraising, Town Halls, and Constituent Amendments

Please log your call here:

Action 1: Ask our Senators to "pause" fundraising from pharmaceutical companies. 

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has suspended fundraising from the pharmaceutical industry, based on pressure from the public. Ask our Senators to do the same.

Senator Patty Murray:
DC - 202-224-2621
Seattle - 206-553-5545

Senator Maria Cantwell:
DC - 202-224-3441
Seattle - 206-220-6400


“My name is [name], and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I am calling to ask the Senator if she will follow Cory Booker's lead, and commit to a pause in fundraising from pharmaceutical companies. With the pending legislation on health care, these donations give the appearance of a conflict of interest, and distract from the good work the Senator is doing to protect us from TrumpCare.”


Summary of Booker's NPR interview:

Analysis of Cantwell and Murray's donations and votes on re-importation:

Action 2: Sign up and attend town halls

REMINDER: There are still two more town halls coming up. Please remember to register for as many of these as you are able to attend. Bring your friends, too!

Action 3: Help us reach 1,000 constituent amendments! 

Trumpcare isn’t dead yet and at some point soon our Democratic Senators may need to pull out all the stops. One thing that they can do is filibuster by amendment, meaning they could delay a vote by proposing endless amendments to the bill. But this only works if they have endless amendments to propose!

With this in mind, we at Seattle Indivisible want to generate a minimum of 1,000 amendments for our Senators by July 10. Help us get there!

ALREADY DONE THIS ONE? Tell your friends!
Go to, submit your amendment, and then send the pdf to with the subject line “Amendment”. And feel free to do more than one! 

Good News

Oregon has just passed a law to protect abortion rights and funding, which Governor Kate Brown is expected to sign.

Did you know Washington has a similar law on the books? Initiative 120, passed in 1991, enshrines Roe v. Wade in law, and requires state benefits to cover it, if they would cover childbirth. Because this was an Initiative, it is harder to repeal than Oregon's new law.

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