Why Our Actions?

This week both the Seattle Times and Q13 credited YOU, Seattle Indivisible members, with getting Senator Cantwell to hold three town halls this week, after having never held them before:

And this is only the latest in our accomplishments. Just in the past few weeks we’ve gotten both of our Senators, as well as Democratic leadership, to take a MUCH harder line in slowing down the healthcare repeal bill.

Every day, we send you an email with quick actions you can take to resist the Trump-Republican agenda. And you have come through for us. At a town hall yesterday Pramila Jayapal told us she gets a higher volume of correspondence than any other congressional office in the country!

We know it can be a lot sometimes. And we encourage you to pace yourself: make the calls and leave the comments you have time for, and do the things you are most passionate about. No one is grading on attendance, and we need you for the oft-spoken-of ‘marathon,’ not the short sprint.

But we thought we would remind you today of the reasons we believe OUR daily actions are important: they are both national and local. They are specific to our own representatives. They are written with your input (daily-action@seattleindivisible.com). And they WORK.

So here are today’s actions:

Action 1: Ask one friend to join our Daily Actions mailing list (Seattleindivisible.com)

Action 2: Submit another Amendment to the Healthcare bill

We are still collecting as many amendments and stories as possible, so that our Senators can introduce them to delay a vote if the repeal bill reaches the floor. It’s easy! Go to ouramendments.org and submit an amendment. Then email a pdf of your amendment to hello@seattleindivisible.com.

And one more piece of GOOD NEWS:

Thanks to the hard work of the transgender community, volunteers, and those who spread awareness of the ‘Decline to Sign’ campaign, initiative I-1552 failed to collect enough signatures to make the ballot this year! I-1552 would have removed transgender protections from state anti-discrimination law: http://www.washingtonwontdiscriminate.org/i-1552-fails-to-qualify-for-the-november-ballot-anti-transgender-campaign-fails-second-time-in-a-row/