Tell the FCC to Stop the Sinclair-Tribune TV Merger

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Action: Leave a comment on the FCC website against the pro-Trump takeover of local news

A proposed purchase by Sinclair of Tribune media would concentrate over 70% of local news in the hands of a single corporation that has hired Trump-friendly commentators.  Voice your protest of this merger to the FCC by clicking the link below, and entering the proceedings number 17-179:


Sinclair Broadcast Group is a Trump-loving media company that is looking to acquire over 200 local news TV stations, reaching 72% of U.S. households. Until Trump's FCC chairman scrapped the rule, companies like this were not allowed to reach more than 39% percent of households. Sinclair’s past behavior at places like Seattle’s KOMO News indicates they plan to turn our local news into an outlet for conservative, pro-Trump propaganda.

This unprecedented level of media consolidation is opposed by everyone from the American Cable Association to conservative outlets like Newsmax. But ordinary citizens like you need to weigh in too!

More Information:

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