All Hands on Deck to Save the Russia Investigation!

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Action: Keep the Investigation Running

Just as the investigation of Trump’s Russia connection is heating up, Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida has introduced a budget amendment that would gut it. The amendment would cease funding the investigation after 180 days, and also prohibit Special Counsel Mueller from investigating activities prior to the date when Trump announced his presidential bid.

Tell your representatives that these kind of tactics are unacceptable – no budget should be allowed through with this amendment attached. 

Rep. Adam Smith – 425-793-5180

Rep. Pramila Jayapal – 206-674-0040


“My name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ZIP]. Rep. Ron DeSantis recently introduced an amendment to the upcoming spending bill that would gut Mueller’s Russia investigation by pulling funding and restricting the investigation’s scope. I expect [Representative] to refuse any spending bill that contains this or any similar amendment.”



Reminder: Send Help to Houston

Texas still needs your help recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

The displacement and widespread damage in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey will be “unprecedented” and “unknown and beyond anything experienced,” states the National Weather Service. Below, we’ve provided a list of local organizations that can provide effective aid to those in need:

We’ve provided alternatives to the Red Cross, because ProPublica has reported on the Red Cross’ less than stellar on-the-ground disaster response. You can read more here: