Volunteer for Police Accountability

Official Group Daily Action for Saturday August 5th

President Trump’s endorsement of police brutality last week was horrifying and repugnant, particularly in light of the ongoing series ofpolice shootings of civilians—-mostly people of color. Here in Seattle, it reminded many of the tragic police shooting of young mother Charleena Lyles earlier this summer.

De-Escalate Washington’s Initiative 940 steps up to the need to reduce such incidents of police violence by setting state-wide training and accountability standards for law enforcement in Washington State. The statewide “initiative to the legislature” requires more training on de-escalation, mental health, and first aid for officers as well as requires them to give first aid in use of force cases. It also requires independent investigations and updates the use of deadly force statute, that some have called too restrictive and others, the worst in the country. Helping I-940 make it to the ballot is an excellent way to resist the Trump Administration’s law enforcement agenda here in Washington State.

Action: Help De-escalate Washington Gather Signatures

 I-940 supporters need to gather 340,000 signatures to succeed. There are many opportunities to help this weekend and over the coming weeks: including signature gathering at Seafair (sign up soon!), the Seattle Art Fair, and neighborhood farmers markets. RSVP to gather signatures at one of the events listed in the URL below:


For other ways to support this exciting campaign, go to:


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