Tell DeVos to Keep Title IX Protections for Sexual Assault Survivers

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In a shameless speech at George Mason University on September 7th, Secretary Betsy DeVos announced that she will change how the Department of Education enforces Title IX federal guidelines with respect to campus sexual assault.  The 2011 guidelines, as outlined in a Dear Colleagues Letter, define schools’ responsibilities in building a safe and responsive campus, clarify the requirement that schools must independently investigate reports of sexual violence between students (regardless of the existence of a criminal investigation), and define “preponderance of the evidence” as the burden of proof necessary when adjudicating sexual assault cases on campus.  Calling this “overreach” and “weaponizing” by the federal government, DeVos will now roll back these vital protections.

A rushed roll-back of these rules by the administration sends a terrible message to students and administrators and would undermine the protections universities, students and activists have worked so hard to implement. Earlier in the summer, twenty state Attorneys General wrote to Secretary DeVos to strongly oppose any roll-back of the Title IX protections.

Call the US Department of Education to insist that the 2011 guidelines remain unchanged. 


I’m calling to urge Secretary DeVos to maintain the critical Title IX (Title 9) protections for survivors of campus sexual assault as guided by the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter. This is a serious and troubling epidemic, and it is vital that schools maintain strong policy guidelines to protect its vulnerable students.

Department of Education


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