Help 'De-Escalate' Washington's Police Departments

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Action: Sign I-940 ‘De-Escalate’ Washington to Hold Police Accountable

Yesterday, another police officer (this time in St. Louis, MO) was found not guilty of the murder of a black man, despite being caught shouting “Gonna kill this (expletive), don’t you know it” on camera before the shooting. Here in Washington state, too, our ‘malicious intent’ standard makes it virtually impossible to convict an officer – out of 213 police shootings in the state between 2005 and 2014, only one officer was even charged.

The De-Escalate Washington Ballot Initiative, I-940, aims to restore trust between police and communities by, among other things, removing the de-facto immunity given to officers and requiring de-escalation and mental health training.

Please go to to learn more about the initiative! To help it become law, you can 1) request a petition, sign it yourself, and collect signatures from friends 2) sign up to volunteer 3) donate to the campaign so they have the resources to meet the December 22 deadline.



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