Claim Your Activist Identity

NOTE:  With McCain against the Cassidy-Graham bill, we are closer than ever to stopping healthcare repeal.  Indivisible HQ has told us that their call tool is open over the weekend, and that connecting red-state constituents to their Senators' voicemail still makes a big difference. If you didn't get a chance during the week, try it out!

ACTION 1: TELL US:  Who are you as an activist?  What do you care about most?

This week marks the eight-month point since the Trump Inauguration.  You've been engaged, you've been telling our government and the Trump Administration that we're not going to be knocked down by intimidations, lies, and bullying tactics.  You are a seasoned veteran of the political advocacy effort.  Congratulations!  You are an ACTIVIST.

Today we are asking you to take a look at your values, your non-negotiables, your "this-must-happen" beliefs.  What do you believe in?  What do you most want to protect?  What is the vision of America that you hold in your heart, despite any and all attempts to tear it down?

NOW:  TELL US ABOUT IT.  Email us at  (Subject line:  MY VISION)

Possible topics to consider:
- civil rights for transgender people
- protecting natural resources and our public lands
- affordable health care for all
- holding the administration accountable
- budget support for science, the arts, clear air and water

Last November the Trump "false news" machine convinced American voters to embrace "me first" exclusionary tactics.  It's our turn to declare who we are and what we stand for.  Take back the conversation!  Tell us who you are as an activist and what you're willing to fight for!

ACTION 2: Make your own Activist Plan.  

Every day we send a Daily Action Alert to Seattle Indivisible subscribers on Facebook and our website with suggested actions.  But you don't have to wait for us to tell you what to do - you know how!  CALL!  EMAIL your MOCs!  FAX using Resistbot! And if you've done it once, do it again!  And again!  Members of Congress tell us:  "We need the call numbers.  We need constituents' personal stories.  The voices of our constituents is THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WE HAVE against narrow-minded, punitive actions of the Trump Adminstration and its allies."*

INVITATION:  Make your own Activist Plan.  Do you prefer to call 2-3 times a week, or more like once a week?  To send email, or use Resistbot to send faxes?  Do you have a preferred activist information source?  (e.g., Seattle Indivisible,, New York Times/Seattle Times, etc.)

By now you know how to express YOUR values and your opinions on the critical issues facing our country.  YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR VOICE.  What is your plan?  TELL US ABOUT IT; email us at  (Subject line:  MY ACTIVIST PLAN)

*(From a Senate staffer on a call to a member of our Daily Action team this week.)

BONUS - ACTION 3:  Email your vision to your Members of Congress.

Using your vision of what America should be (from Action 1), send an email to your MOCs today.  Tell your lawmakers what your vision is, so they'll know how to represent you on the Congressional floor.

Senator Murray:
Senator Cantwell:
Representative Jayapal:
Representative Smith:

We're in this for the long haul, so be sure to pace yourself.  It's easy to burn out if you do too much, and this is an uphill battle.  But we will persist.  We will turn this around.  We will make a difference.  Working together, we will reclaim our vision of an all-inclusive, compassionate, and socially responsible America.