Finish off Trumpcare!

There is only one confirmed no vote on Trumpcare (Graham-Cassidy) so far. Senator Paul left the door open and they may be trying to buy him off as we speak. Senators Collins and Murkowski have yet to say definitively that they will vote no and as evidenced in The Washington Post story below, we know the GOP is trying anything to get them to yes. We must finish this off for good!


If you have friends in Alaska or Maine, please let them know to call their Senators today. Also, please continue to call using Indivisible National’s tool to reach people in other red states and connect them with their Senate offices. If you reach someone who has already called, urge them to let you connect them anyway. Try to connect ten people. We need to pile up the numbers and put the Graham-Cassidy bill to bed for good!

Please use the link below:

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TODAY: Kill the Bill (Again!): Seattle Rally to Save the ACA. Monday 9/25 at 4PM, meet across the street from UW Medical Center at Montlake Blvd NE & NE Pacific Street.
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Please use the following bus lines:43, 44, 48, 25, 133, 167, 197, 271, 272 and 277, and the University of Washington Link station

Seattle Indivisible Stands with NFL and NBA Players Who #TakeAKnee

Trump made big news Saturday by attacking NFL players who choose to protest police brutality and racial inequality by taking a knee during the National Anthem as well as NBA players choosing not to go to The White House due to its primary resident. But the players and owners are pushing back. Trump’s attacks on the NFL and NBA are meant to silence and erase those who are using their First Amendment rights to draw attention to longstanding racial injustice in this country.

Racial justice and the causes of systemic violence targeting black men and women and other marginalized communities is an important conversation that our country needs to have. However, our president is choosing to ignore the central message of these player’s protest and villainize them in order to distract us from the battle over
TrumpCare 3.0 and to score points with his base.

Trump knows that Trumpcare is better off with less scrutiny and is changing the subject on purpose. The Graham-Cassidy Healthcare bill, which comes up for a vote as early as Tuesday, has a better chance of passing if no one is paying attention. And if it doesn’t pass, a good portion of the media will still be focused on Trump’s tweets and comments about the NFL and NBA and not writing about the bill’s failure.

Trump also knows that his base has no patience for a conversation about our history of repression, and is using the military’s sacrifice to create a false narrative in order to agitate his base to come to his support. Do not accept the false narrative being pushed by Trump that players using their First Amendment rights to protesting during the National Anthem is somehow unpatriotic. Trump is not addressing the actual issue being presented by these protests. He is attempting to frame the debate into something else entirely. Do not let him. He will say that it’s disrespectful to people in our military. He will say this is not an appropriate time for a protest. He will say it’s unpatriotic to sit during the National Anthem.

This is ridiculous! - It has nothing to do with the National Anthem.

Trump is presenting a dangerous and dismissive line of thinking, which is equivalent to saying Rosa Parks had a problem with public transit. Colin Kaepernick started sitting during the National Anthem to draw attention to a system that oppresses people of color and other marginalized communities. That’s where the conversation deserves to go. Kaepernick started this movement last season with the goal of starting a national conversation about racial injustice. Given the attention it has received, this has to be one of the most successful protests ever. Everyone, including Trump, is talking about it!

Do not let Trump use this very real and important issue as a political tool to distract us from his failing TrumpCare bill, or to score points with his base. Our players are making an important point that MUST be addressed, and deserves an honest and open conversation to start healing these old wounds. It does not deserve to be used like a political tool to distract from our work, both in protecting millions of Americans from loosing their healthcare and from simultaneously working to create greater racial equality in our country.
Seattle Indivisible stands with our NFL and NBA players who are using their spotlight to draw attention to this issue. #TakeAKnee


Anthem Protests:…/67415350-a12e-11e7-8cfe-d5…