Demand an Aid Package for Puerto Rico NOW

First off, take a moment to breathe – it was announced yesterday that Graham-Cassidy, the latest version of Trumpcare, will not be brought to a vote this week! We should remain vigilant against Republican trickery until the reconciliation window closes on Sept. 30, but this certainly looks like victory.

With healthcare saved (for the moment), today’s actions are focused on helping Puerto Rico make it through the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria.

Action 1: Vote on Aid NOW

Congress is working on an aid package for Puerto Rico that they plan to vote on in mid-October, but that is not nearly soon enough. People are suffering NOW – the hurricane left almost two million Puerto Ricans without drinkable water, and that’s just the beginning of a situation that is becoming a humanitarian crisis. Call both of your Senators and your House Representative to tell them to push for a fast response to help Puerto Rico recover.

Rep. Adam Smith: 425-793-5180
Rep. Pramila Jayapal: 206-674-0040
Sen. Patty Murray: 202-224-2621/ 206-553-5545
Sen. Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441/ 206-220-6400


“My name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ZIP] about helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. They are experiencing a humanitarian crisis and need aid as soon as possible – passing an aid package in October is not soon enough. Please push for an aid package for Puerto Rico to pass as soon as possible to relieve the suffering of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.”


Action 2: Give to Relief Organizations in Puerto Rico

If you can spare any money, please donate. HuffPost has collected a number of options for donations here: