Fight 'Extreme Vetting' of Visa Applicants

**In light of the Seahawks players taking a stance on racial and social justice, we invite you to join De-Escalate WA tomorrow, October 1 at 3pm, to help collect petition signatures for I-940 outside Centurylink Stadium during the Seahawks game!

Action: Submit a Regulatory Comment against 'Extreme Vetting'

Yesterday we asked you to call our representatives in opposition to a rule that would allow Homeland Security to invade the privacy of both immigrants and naturalized citizens by monitoring their social media accounts. We also have a few days left to comment on a DIFFERENT Homeland Security rule targeting a DIFFERENT group--those applying for visas. Under this rule the Trump administration would have free reign to invasively search the social media history of visa applicants for the past five years. The rule was given a six-month emergency approval back in May and they are now asking for an extension.

This is part of Trump’s xenophobic efforts to implement ‘extreme vetting’ of immigrants. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) believes it could be a backdoor way for Trump to implement his Muslim ban. They have made an easy one-click form for us all to submit a comment against this proposed rule! Please do so here:



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