Make DREAM a Priority for Congress

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Yesterday morning, the Trump Administration rescinded DACA. This is a frightening time for those who have built their lives here under the protections that DACA provided – so let’s keep fighting for them. If Congress passes a legislative solution such as the DREAM act by March 5, 2018, people currently protected under DACA will never lose their status. 

We can make this happen. Several Republican representatives have signaled that they will work with us on this, but the clock is ticking. Thanks to everyone who came out and protested with us and OneAmerica yesterday, and to all who have called or emailed our own representatives about DACA. Now, we’re asking that you reach out to friends and family to ask them to pitch in by pressuring their representatives to do what’s right.

Action: Ask Friends and Family to Join in the Fight for the DREAM Act

E-mail the message below, or a similar message in your own words, to friends and family in other states:

“Thousands of people who have grown up in America and built their lives here are now in jeopardy of being deported thanks to Trump’s decision yesterday to rescind the DACA program. We have the power to keep the DACA protections in place by demanding that Congress pass the DREAM act before anyone loses their DACA status. I have called my representatives about this, but this act will need to pass with a large enough majority that Trump can’t veto it – so we need all hands on deck! Please consider contacting your congressional representatives and telling them that passing the DREAM act should be a top priority. You can find their numbers here:

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Information on the DREAM Act and Republicans’ feelings about it:

Information on Trump’s decision to rescind DACA: