Tell Trump and the BLM: Protect our drinking water

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Daily Action: Tell Ryan Zinke and the BLM to protect our drinking water

In 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) enacted a rule that required fossil fuel companies engaging in fracking on public, federally-owned lands "to comply with federal safety standards in the construction of fracking wells, and to disclose the use of some chemicals in the fracking process." [1] The BLM was immediately sued by oil and gas companies to prevent them from implementing these higher safety standards, and a federal judge in Wyoming agreed. The BLM appealed the ruling, but when Trump took office, his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, chose to rescind the new safety requirements.

Before a regulation can be rescinded, the public must be allowed to comment. These comments are added to the official record, and are delivered to the Trump administration. Even if we can't change Zinke's mind directly, regulation comments can focus public pressure on the issue, or even force Congressional oversight. Submit a comment today to tell Secretary Zinke and the Trump administration that you want to see fossil fuel companies held to 'common sense' safety standards.

Sample Comment

I am concerned that the BLM is planning to rescind the 2015 rule entitled “Oil and Gas; Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal and Indian Lands.” This rule will make drinking water safer and reduce the risk of toxic spills. The BLM should protect Americans, not put them at greater risk. I ask Secretary Zinke to fight for the right of everyone in our country to have safe drinking water, and to put Americans first, not fossil fuel companies.

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