Fight Police Brutality (Call for I-940)

Remember to fill out our call log so that we can track our impact:

Thanks to the massive efforts of De-Escalate WA and a ton of volunteers (including a lot of us at SI), we ended last year on a good note by collecting enough signatures to send I-940 to the State Legislature. Now the Legislature has a choice. They can pass I-940 as is, reject it, suggest an alternative, or do nothing.  If they reject it or do nothing, it goes on the November 2018 ballot and we the people can still vote it into law.  If they suggest an alternative, both go on the ballot.

I-940 is a multi-pronged measure that addresses police brutality in the following ways:
- Requires training for violence de-escalation, mental health, and first aid.
- Provides that police should render first aid at the scene.
- Applies a good faith standard for use of deadly force and removes the de facto immunity.
- Requires completely independent investigations of use of deadly force when there is injury or death.
- Brings diverse community stakeholders to the table for the development of standards and curriculum.
- Includes Tribal governments in investigations where a tribal person was injured or killed

ACTION 1: Demand that State Legislature passes I-940

This measure is too important to wait, and it should be a top priority for our legislators to pass it as-is. Passage now would take away the uncertainty associated with a state-wide ballot initiative, and it would allow us to focus our 2018 election efforts on winning back federal seats.

Find your one State Senator and two State House Representatives (and save them to your phone if you haven’t already):


“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in [City or neighborhood]. I am calling to ask that [rep] make passage of I-940 a top priority. I-940 takes a multi-pronged approach to addressing police brutality, and if the Legislature does not pass it as-is, it will go to ballots in 2018. However, passage through the legislature is the best way to guarantee that these measures are implemented, and I believe that this measure is too important to wait – please pass I-940 as-is during this legislative session.”