Make it Easier to Register and Vote!

Action: Support Washington State bills that make it easier to register and vote 

Earlier this week we called in support of the Washington Voting Rights Act. But there are several other bills that improve access to the polls that may have a chance of passing this session: Automatic Voter Registration (AVR), which would automatically register voters at any state agency that verifies citizenship; Same-Day Voter Registration, which allows voters to register on the day of the election; pre-registration of 16 and 17-year-olds; and pre-paid postage for ballots. 

All of these bills would strengthen our democracy and increase our chances in the 2018 midterms!

It’s quick and easy to leave a comment on a state bill online, and it automatically emails your representatives to indicate your support. Just click on the following bills (as many as you can get through!), enter your information, click the ‘support’ button, and leave a comment asking them to pass it in this session: (Automatic Voter Registration - House) (Automatic Voter Registration – Senate) (Same Day Registration - House) (Same Day Registration – Senate) (Prepaid Postage – Senate) (Pre-registration – House) (Pre-registration – Senate)

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