No Drilling off Washington's Coast

Action: Comment in opposition to offshore oil drilling 

The Department of the Interior has proposed making all Federal offshore lands (except off the Florida coast) open to oil drilling, and leasing these lands to oil companies starting in 2019. Fight back against this attack on our coast and the lives that depend on it by writing a comment in opposition to this plan using the following link:

Upcoming Events:

  • MLK Day, Monday, Garfield High School, 23rd Ave at E. Jefferson

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination and of the King Center's founding. Come to Garfield High School at 23rd Avenue at E. Jefferson, Seattle on Monday to join the MLK Day honoring.

    Seattle Indivisible and Indivisible Plus WA leaders will be presenting a workshop ("Indivisible for Everyone") to help us learn how we can better support communities of color and organizations that have long been working toward equal rights for all.

    Go to for detailed list of workshops. Many are being led by students and leaders in the black community.
  • Resist Trump Tuesday Rally, Tuesday, 11:45am, 915 2nd Ave, Seattle

    Please join us Tuesday, January 16th as we continue our fight against the Infrastructure Scam that will rob from the poor and give to the rich. Trump’s plan to sell our country’s roads and bridges to the highest bidder is privatization in name but kleptocracy in principle. Once again, we need our Senators to stand strong and demand an infrastructure solution that fixes our roads and bridges rather than turning them into walls.

    As always, we will enter the Federal Building for office hours with our Senators' staff at 12:30pm. We need your voices to press against the Infrastructure Scam, continue pressing for a clean DREAM Act, and oppose FISA re-authorization!
  • Seattle Indivisible Weekly Meeting, Woodland Park United Methodist Church, 302 N 78th St

    ALL are invited to join us as neighbors and concerned citizens to fight back against unjust political policies based on exclusion, inequality, hate, lies, and fear.

    We oppose the Trump/GOP agenda and we support policies that promote inclusion, fairness, truth, and respect for all.

    Our goal is to unite ALL Americans regardless of party affiliation behind principles that transcend party politics. And we are committed to holding ALL elected officials accountable for failing to uphold justice for all.

    We are Indivisible.

    This meeting can be accessed using King County Metro routes 5 or 45. No stairs are required to enter this room.

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