Big FISA Vote Today - Stop Government Snooping!

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The Senate is expected to vote today on a bill that will reauthorize FISA, which allows the government to indiscriminately snoop on Americans. Every American is guaranteed a right to privacy, and this right should be respected.

Today: Call our Members of Congress and ask them to stop FISA reauthorization in the Senate

From Wired: "The spying initiatives Snowden brought to light are authorized under Section 702 of the 2008 FISA Amendments Act, which was set to expire later this month. On Thursday, Congress voted down an effort to reform Section 702, and instead passed a bill that expanded warrantless surveillance of US citizens and foreigners. The newly passed bill reauthorizes Section 702 for six years." 

This bill has passed the House, but it's expected to be a much tougher fight in the Senate. With Senators like Rand Paul certain to oppose it, we stand a real chance of winning this fight against an encroaching surveillance state. Let's call our Senators and ask them to protect our rights.

Call both Senators:

  • Sen. Patty Murray: 202-224-2621
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441

Sample Script:

"Hi! My name is [NAME] and I'm calling from [CITY, ZIP]. Senator [NAME] has been a strong advocate for our rights online. I want to ask her to keep fighting for our rights online by voting against S.139 and stopping the re-authorization of FISA Section 702. We used to worry about what would happen if the power to use surveillance on Americans fell into the wrong hands. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions ARE the wrong hands. I'm asking the Senator to protect the people of Washington State from warrantless surveillance by the Trump Administration. Will she commit to doing everything she can to block this bill?"

Thank Your Representative, too!

Our Representatives also deserve a "thank you" for voting against the House's version of the FISA reauthorization bill. We lost this fight, but our Representatives stood with us, and they deserve some recognition for their efforts.

Call your Representative:

  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal: (202) 225-3106
  • Rep. Adam Smith: (202) 225-8901

Sample Script:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm calling from [CITY, ZIP]. I want to thank [CONGRESSPERSON NAME] for voting against the FISA reauthorization bill. It means a lot to me that [CONGRESSPERSON NAME] fights for my rights, and I ask that they remain vigilant. Thank you for your time!"


Event Reminders


Sunday, January 21, 2018

As part of Seattle Womxn Marching Forward's Womxn Act on Seattle weekend-long community action event, Seattle Indivisible and Indivisible Eastside will be sponsoring voter registration drives across the region. The elections coming up this year will be crucial, and we need your help to make sure everyone's voice is heard. More information about the event can be found here:

To sign up as a volunteer, please use this form:

Resist Trump Tuesday Rally

Tuesday, January 15, 11:45AM

Come join us at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building every Tuesday at 11:45am to make our voices heard to Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Each week, we have speakers and musicians lined up to address timely legislative topics and make announcements about how we can continue to resist the toxic Trump Administration - whether it be through making phone calls, attending protests, gathering signatures, registering voters, or participating in other special projects and events.

Henry M. Jackson Federal Building
915 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98104

SI Weekly Meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 7:00PM

Our goal is to unite ALL Americans regardless of party affiliation behind principles that transcend party politics. And we are committed to holding ALL elected officials accountable for failing to uphold justice for all.

Woodland Park United Methodist Church
302 N 78th St, Seattle, Washington 98103

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