Attend the Women’s March

It’s a fitting end to a year of corruption and dysfunction under Trump that the government may already be shut down by the time you are reading this! But the resistance is stronger than ever. Our Senators listened to us and voted against a funding bill that would continue to hold DREAMers hostage. And we are taking to the streets today to commemorate a year of fighting back.

“Why are we marching? To engage all people to support women's rights, racial equity, human rights, civil rights, disability rights, LGBTQIA rights, veteran's rights, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, reproductive rights, Indigenous people's rights and environmental justice.”

The Women’s March will start with a rally at 10:00 a.m. today at Cal Anderson Park, followed by the march at 11:30 a.m.

Leading the march will be the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Washington; to show solidarity with them and raise awareness of the issue, they suggest wearing red. Read more here:

Finally, we encourage marchers to be mindful of the controversy surrounding pink ‘pussyhats,’ as they can be seen as exclusionary to women of color and the trans community. The decision of what to wear is up to you, but since we are marching to support these communities we want our members to be aware of the issue and consider alternatives:

Have a great march!

Helpful Links:

Facebook RSVP:

More information, transportation, and march route:


IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND, as your daily act of resistance consider a small donation to one of the wonderful local community partners and supporters of the march, such as:

Council on American Islamic Relations Washington:


ACLU Washington: