Don’t Bail Out Trump’s Dysfunctional Government

Official Action for Tuesday, Jan. 23

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Action: Don’t Bail Out Trump’s Dysfunctional Government

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After only two days of government shutdown, both of Washington’s senators have voted to reopen the government temporarily. Here are some of the outcomes of the new continuing resolution:

  1. There are still no protections for Dreamers. McConnell has promised to bring immigration to the Senate floor, with no corresponding promise for the House. In the meantime protections will expire for more and more Dreamers, and the Dreamer community will have to live in fear and uncertainty.
  2. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding is renewed for six more years. This is a huge positive, but it is also something that most Americans would have taken for granted mere months ago. Democrats need to demand more if they are going to continue to bail out Trump’s dysfunctional government.
  3. Congress will have to vote for a funding bill in another three weeks, on Feb. 8. Although Democrats have caved to Republican demands for now, they still have not completely given up their leverage. Let’s make sure they know not to give in so easily next time around!


Hold our senators accountable for their vote to leave Dreamers in limbo, and let them know to remain firm come February 8.

Sen. Patty Murray: (202) 224-2621, (206) 553-5545
Sen. Maria Cantwell: (202) 224-3441, (206) 220-6400

Sample Script:
“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip]. I’m disappointed that Senator [name] has been so quick to capitulate to Republican demands to reopen the government in exchange for a future debate on immigration. When the continuing resolution expires again on February 8, I need to know that Senator [name] will stand for dreamers and not vote for a spending bill without a clean Dream Act.”


The good news in all of this is that both Pramila Jayapal and Adam Smith voted against the continuing resolution. Call them to say thank you!

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: (202) 225-3106, (206) 674-0040
Rep. Adam Smith: (202) 225-8901, (425) 793-5180

Sample Script: 
“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip]. I wanted to thank Representative [name] for voting against the recent continuing resolution to fund the government. I hope that [name] will continue to vote against any spending bill or continuing resolution that does not include a clean Dream Act.”


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