NO DEAL: Clean Dream Act or no budget

Last week, Democrats (briefly) stood up for the Dreamers, and shut down the government. Now Trump and #PresidentMiller, a white nativist adviser, have proposed a "deal" that would provide a path to citizenship for some dreamers. It is a bad deal. It trades the dreamers for strict restrictions on family reunification and the Diversity Lottery, which will result in fewer people of color immigrating to America. Plus, it funds Trump's ridiculous border wall, fulfilling a campaign promise, and motivating his base. Tell our representatives not to allow any of that.

Action - NO DEAL: Clean Dream Act, NO new immigration restrictions, NO border wall, or NO budget.

Don’t forget to fill out our call log so that we can track our impact:

  • Sen. Patty Murray: (202) 224-2621, (206) 553-5545
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell: (202) 224-3441, (206) 220-6400
  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal: (202) 225-3106, (206) 674-0040 
  • Rep. Adam Smith: (202) 225-8901, (425) 793-5180

Sample Script: 

“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip]. I'm calling to ask Senator/Representative [Name] to reject Trump's bad deal on immigration. Trump and the Republicans are bargaining with the safety of the Dreamers to restrict family reunification, and reduce immigration of people of color to this country via the Diversity Lottery. It's disgusting. Not only that, it funds Trump’s pet project, the border wall, which is a waste of money and will energize the worst parts of the Republican base. Please speak out against this bad deal, vote no if it comes to the floor, and vote no on any budget that doesn't include a Clean Dream Act.”



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