Protect Workers' Tips

REMINDER: Our next Resist Trump Tuesday Rally is this coming Tuesday, January 5th at 11:45 a.m. outside the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building:

Action: Leave a comment against a proposed rule change that would rob workers of the rights to their tips

‘Populist’ Donald Trump is attacking the working class, again. A new proposed Department of Labor rule would make service workers' tips wholly the property of employers. It is supposedly aimed at reducing wage disparities between those who earn tips and those who don't, but here’s the catch - there is nothing there to stopping employers from just keeping the tips for themselves! Here’s more

“The reality is that, even under current rules, labor abuses and wage theft are endemic to the restaurant industry; according to the Economic Policy Institute, about one in seven food- and drink-service workers report being paid less than minimum wage—making up roughly one-quarter of all wage-theft cases nationwide. Moreover, the tipped service workforce is disproportionately composed of women and people of color, who tend to suffer massive race and gender pay disparities, and workers are mostly nonunion, with little job security.”

Click here to leave a comment asking the Department of Labor to reject this rule change:



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