Strengthen Voting Rights in Washington State

Event reminders: Our weekly meeting and Resist Trump Tuesday rally both take place on Tuesday! Event details are at the end of this message!

Today's Action: Contact your state legislators and ask them to support the WA Voting Rights Act.

Two months ago, Washington Democrats reclaimed the State Senate, and—with that—the ability to advance legislation that will make Washington safer, better educated, and more civically-engaged. Now is a critical time to strengthen our voting rights and safeguard our democracy. We have an upcoming opportunity to do so by passing the Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA), which ensures everyone has a fair chance to be equally represented in local elections and government. The 2018 Washington State Legislative session starts today, January 8, 2018 for a short 60-day session. The WVRA will be the first bill the House debates. Let’s make sure that our Representatives know that we support this bill. Please take the following action.

Step 1, find your state legislators:

The state has a handy webpage that will help you find your state legislators. Everyone has a state Senator and two state Representatives.
Go here and enter your mailing address:

Step 2, call your three state legislators

Sample script

Hi, my name is {NAME} and I am a constituent from {CITY, ZIP}. I think it's crucial for Washington to strengthen its voting rights, so I'm calling to find out if {LEGISLATOR} supports the Washington Voting Rights Act.

  • Yes: Thank them and ask if they are willing to co-sponsor the WVRA bill.
  • No/uncertain: If their response is no/uncertain: I would like to urge {LEGISLATOR} to support the bill because of {REASON}.

Sample Reasons

  • So that all communities can have their voices heard
  • To ensure that local democracy is accountable and fair.
  • To create a collaborative and less costly process to ensure fair and equitable local elections.
  • BEST: Your personal reason.


Upcoming Events

Resist Trump Tuesday, 11:45 AM: Infrastructure Scam!

We continue to fight for a clean DREAM Act. But there's a new target in our crosshairs for 2018 - Trump's infrastructure scam! The toxicity of this Administration never ends, so we need to stand strong and make our voices heard.

As always, we will enter the Senate building at 12:30pm for office hours with Senate staffers.

Please RSVP at

Seattle Indivisible General Meeting, Tuesday, 7-8:45 PM

Location: 302 N 78th St, Seattle, WA

In spite of Trump’s public reassurances that he is a “very stable genius”, this week has only shown us how dangerously close we are to having our aspiring dictator taunt North Korea’s actual dictator into nuclear war over the size of their “buttons.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that our very survival in the coming year depends on our taking action NOW to stop this threat.  Come join us this week as we organize and strategize the best ways to fight back.   

Starting with passing the DREAM Act to defend immigrants, while (yet another) possible government shutdown looms on Jan. 19.

Bring a smartphone and/or laptop computer, and bring a snack to share.

Enter from the parking lot in BACK of the church.  We’re in the first room on your left. This location can be reached on King County Metro routes 5 and 45.

RSVP for this meeting:

Minutes from last week's meeting:

Womxn Act On Seattle: Power to the Polls, Sunday, January 21

As part of Seattle Womxn Marching Forward's Womxn Act on Seattle weekend-long community action event, Seattle Indivisible and Indivisible Eastside will be sponsoring voter registration drives across the region. The elections coming up this year will be crucial, and we need your help to make sure everyone's voice is heard. More information about the event can be found here:

To sign up as a volunteer, please use this form:

Help Keep Us Going in the New Year

We are all volunteers at Seattle Indivisible, but a lot of what supports our basic operations, such as meeting spaces, fliers, and website hosting costs money. Please contribute to keep us going strong into 2018.