Talk to your friends about your ballot! GOTV!

An important part of GOTV efforts is just making people aware of the election and the issues. Today, we will look at I-940, Seattle Indivisible's first endorsement!

Initiative 940 is on the ballot even though it should already be law! This was passed last year in the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Inslee. It was amended slightly from the original text, but all parties involved agreed that it kept the original spirit and intent and should be law. Tim Eyman sued due to the difference and….. here we are trying to pass what should already be law.

This November, we have an opportunity to save lives in Washington state by voting Yes on Initiative 940 (De-Escalate Washington). Seattle Indivisible supports this important measure, and we hope you’ll join us, your friends, and neighbors in supporting Yes on 940 as well.

Initiative 940 will help save lives by improving de-escalation and mental health crisis training for all law enforcement officers, so our officers are better prepared to handle challenging situations.

No family should have to live through losing a loved one unnecessarily. However, in the last year, more Washingtonians were killed in encounters with law enforcement than in 45 other states, and almost a third of these people were experiencing a mental health crisis. We can and must do better. By voting Yes on Initiative 940 and improving training for our law enforcement officers, we can prevent potentially lethal encounters from happening in the first place helping to keep everyone safe.

If you want to learn more about Initiative 940, you can visit

ACTION: Talk to a friend about your ballot!

Build excitement about the upcoming elections and the issues that matter to you!

Tuesday Events:

Resist Trump Tuesday


Our featured speaker at this week’s Resist Trump Tuesday rally will be Hamdi Mohamed, Rep. Jayapal’s constituent services and outreach coordinator. Hamdi will explain the importance of grassroots engagement if we are going to get the government we want and make our government work for the people. She will tell us what works and what doesn’t when trying to engage the public. With only 3 weeks until the midterms, Hamdi’s insights could not be timelier.

Following our rally from 11:45AM-12:30PM, we will put this civic engagement lesson to use when we meet with Sen. Murray’s and Sen. Cantwell’s staff from 12:30-1:30PM

Weekly Meeting:

THIS WEEK: We will Phone Bank to flip the 8th for Dr. Kim Schrier!

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