Today is the final day to register to vote online.

If you haven't already registered to vote, get it done TODAY using the link below. If you HAVE registered, take a moment to double-check your voter registration by clicking on this link.

You know what’s at stake in the upcoming election, particularly after the last few weeks. (That sentence would have made perfect sense at any point in Trump’s Presidency, but it was still absolutely sincere.) The last few weeks have been rough. We must harness this feeling and use it to power us through the midterms. Please make sure you’re registered as well as your friends and family. Share the link below!


Share the link with friends and family!


Sign up with Indivisible National to phone bank for Dr. Schrier and help win the 8th!

Noon-8pm shifts available


Resist Trump Tuesday:

Our Causes Are Connected And We Need A Choir Of Progressive Voices

At our rally this Tuesday, we will discuss where we go from here in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Tae Phoenix will not only share her inspiring music at the rally, but will also speak about her experiences participating in the Kavanaugh confirmation battle in Washington D.C. We will discuss lessons learned and how we translate this energy into meaningful electoral change.

In our continuing work in coalition with Families Belong Together and a number of immigrant rights organizations, we also will welcome a speaker to educate us on the latest effort by the Trump Admin to penalize immigrants for using needed public services under the new “Public Charge” rule.

Efforts to marginalize, exclude and silence women, minorities and immigrants are all interrelated, and recent events only underscore why we all need to continue to stand up for one another and mobilize together to make our voices heard in the midterm elections.


Note: We will NOT be having our regularly scheduled meeting with senate staff following our Tuesday rally this week due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts with the staffers, but this regular weekly meeting will resume on Oct. 16th.