Protect Immigrant Families

In light of new studies that show that even the proposal of the Public Charge rule is harming immigrants by discouraging them from using lifesaving program such as SNAP, we've decided to highlight an action we ran last month -- comment against the Public Charge rule. The deadline is December 10, if you have not already commented.


Last month, the Trump administration's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued its long-planned regulation to penalize immigrants and their US-citizen children who use any form of public benefit, from health insurance subsidies to the earned income tax credit used by about one-fifth of taxpayers. The rule, which was crafted by the notoriously xenophobic Stephen Miller, also penalizes immigrants whose US-citizen spouses or children use a public benefit. Under this new rule, immigrants would be disqualified from receiving a green card if they claim almost any benefits or if DHS deems them likely to receive benefits in the future.

If this regulation moves forward, only the wealthiest immigrants could build a future in the United States. This regulation is part of the Trump administration's ongoing effort to divide the country and vilify immigrants. The proposal could prevent immigrants from using the programs their tax dollars help support, preventing access to healthy, nutritious food and secure housing. Because one in four American children have at least one immigrant parent, this could impact millions. It would make us a sicker, poorer, and hungrier nation.

Action: Send DHS an Official Comment Opposing the Cruel "Public Charge" Rule

Submit comments through the website

For key points to include and sample comments, see the National Employment Law Project's "Protecting Immigrant Families" webpage:


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Now that the Democrats have won the House of Representatives, and many states and Democrats have expanded their majority in our State Legislature, the our expectations of our Members of Congress and our State Legislature will be different in 2019 than they were the last two years. Indivisible National has released new guides to give us direction on the new strategy and tactics we should be using to get the most out of our new elected officials. Please take some time to read them and become familiar with the strategy.

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A Local Activist Needs Asylum

When Trump’s State Department revoked passports for transgender people this summer, one such person was Danni Askini, Former Executive Director of Gender Justice League in Seattle. Danni is currently seeking refuge in Sweden. If she is not allowed to stay there, she will be sent back to the US, where she has been told she will be arrested for illegal entry and put in a male prison.

Sign this petition for Danni’s asylum, and share it with others:

Danni specifically asked for help raising awareness any way you can: use social media and reach out to any media contacts you might have. This week is trans awareness week so write a letter to the editor about her!

How else can you help? Give to Danni’s GoFundMe:


Upcoming Events

Resist Trump Tuesday

Tuesday, 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM

Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98104

The featured speaker at our Resist Trump Tuesday rally this week will be Huma Zarif, and attorney with Northwest Health Law Advocates. Huma will help us understand the newly proposed public charge rules that threaten immigrants' access to basic public services such as food subsidies and medical services. Huma will explain what would change under the new rules and what won't and will encourage you to ask questions and submit comments.

We rally every Tuesday in front of the Federal Building from 11:45AM-12:30PM to listen to educational and inspiration speakers and live activist musicians. Then, following the rally, we go inside to meet with Senator Murray's and Senator Cantwell's staff from 12:30-1:30PM where they give us our senators' perspective of what is going on during this chaotic time, respond to our questions on the issues and take our input directly to our senators. This is amazing public access to our representatives and all are welcome to attend this public meeting.

Please join us this week, and every week, for Resist Trump Tuesday . We began these weekly gatherings in January 2017 and we persist in our fight against the harm caused by the Trump agenda. We need your voice!