Stopping Climate Change Starts at Home

(this daily action is adapted from an email sent out by the good folks at 350seattle - check out their website for more environmental justice news and actions:

The failure to pass I-1631 has been painful to all of us, even more so in light of the horrendous fires in California that have killed so many. We will not be deterred, however, from continuing this fight. One step we can take immediately is to let our state legislators know that climate change must be a priority in the upcoming legislative session.

Washington legislators will be meeting soon to determine what their legislative priorities will be this session. We are asking you to call both of your state representatives and your state senator, and demand they prioritize meaningful climate legislation in the upcoming session. Legislators have not heard from their constituents enough about the climate emergency―but you can help change that! They need to know that meaningful climate legislation is a top priority for their constituents as they prioritize their agenda for the next session.

Today's Action: Demand Meaningful Climate Legislation in Olympia

Remember to log your calls here:

We're going to make three phone calls today: two to our State Reps, and one to our State Senator.

1. Find your state legislators' contact information on this webpage: (make sure you leave "District Type" set to "Legislative.")

2. Call your state Senator.

3. Call your first state Representative.

4. Call your second state Representative.

Sample Script


"Hi, my name is [NAME], calling from [CITY, ZIP], and I am a constituent of [LEGISLATOR]. I’m calling to ask [LEGISLATOR] to support meaningful climate legislation this session. Can you tell me what meaningful climate legislation [LEGISLATOR] will be sponsoring this session?"



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