Recoup, Regroup, and Get Ready

It’s Thanksgiving – happy holidays! Today the congressional offices are closed so we get the day off from calling our representatives. Holidays like this offer us activists a great chance to take a breath, think about the accomplishments of the year, and re-energize for the fight ahead. With that in mind, if you haven’t already, take this opportunity to read the new Indivisible Guides, which are geared towards new strategies for the upcoming years in which Democrats will have control of the House. Think about how we can apply these strategies in Seattle, and let us know your ideas!



Our activism has accomplished a great deal in the past year; this community of people who have spent two years fighting for what’s right is something to be thankful for. Something else to be thankful for in recent news: We won another House seat in Utah! Have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow for more action!

For more info on the House win: