Give for Immigration Justice

Official Daily Action for Tuesday, December 25th:

Whatever your faith (or lack thereof) the Christmas narrative of persecution, migration, and a desperate search for shelter feels particularly resonant at this moment. With Congressional offices (and much of the federal government) closed today, we urge you to reflect on how we are responding to vulnerable people seeking refuge in our country right now.

Migrants within the United States are being rounded up simply for being undocumented. It happens when they drop their kids off at school, at worksites, while visiting their children at a military base, even while awaiting surgery for their 2-month-old infant.

Many children are separated from their parents, almost 15,000 as of last week. The tent camp outside El Paso alone has about 2,800 children. Its population is larger than all but one of our nation’s 204 federal prisons.

On this 25th of December, please find a few moments to give what you can to organizations fighting for immigration justice. Here are a few:

• Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

• OneAmerica

• Washington Immigration Solidarity Network (WAISN)