New Year’s Resolution: Go on Offense

Official Daily Action for January 1st, 2019

We had sweet wins (hello Democratic House, more progressive state legislature!) and bitter losses (Brett Kavanaugh) in 2018. Now it’s time to take our experience and our commitment on offense. It has been pretty easy to ask our Members of Congress to say “no” to the Administration and its enablers, but now that our Members of Congress have a measure of power, we must resolve to make tougher asks:

• Use the House majority (and the stronger majority in the WA legislature) to lay out a bold progressive agenda on health care, immigration, climate change and civil rights.

• Make oversight real: demand deep investigation of the culture of corruption, collusion and conspiracy pervading the White House.

• Keep defending: immigrants, women, vulnerable groups, and the planet.

• Build our grassroots strength and coalitions so we are ready for 2020.


A good way to start working on our New Year’s resolution is turning out for Indivisible’s National Day of Action, Thursday January 3rd. Locally, we will rally with multiple area Indivisible groups from 10:45-11:15 at the Federal Building to hear from MOC staff on their legislative priorities for the first 100 days of the new session.

Following the rally we will march up to our Listening Session location (inside!) where we will have an extended Q&A session with Rep. Jayapal and Smith staff. Our focus will be on the critical "First 100 Days of Congress," during which the agenda priorities for the next two years will be set.

Rally w/ Rep. DelBene, Jayapal & Smith Staff - 10:45-11:15 @ Federal Building (915 2nd Ave, Seattle)


Extended Q&A w/ Rep. DelBene, Jayapal & Smith Staff


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