Tell Frank Chopp to Fight for the Environment

Thanks to 350Seattle for the action below.

Frank Chopp is Speaker of the Washington State House, and if you live in Seattle's Capital Hill, Fremont or Wallingford, he is likely your representative. He has recently announced that the upcoming legislative session will be his last as Speaker. In many regards, Speaker Chopp leaves behind an impressive legacy ― extended healthcare, paid family leave, and the Marriage Equality Act are just a few of the achievements that he will be leaving behind.

However, there is one important thing missing from Speaker Chopp’s legacy ―and it’s the one that future generations will care about most.

History will remember the period 1999 - 2019, the period that Speaker Chopp was the most powerful politician in the state, as the definitive period when we had the chance to act on climate. Yet, in that time the Washington State legislature has passed no meaningful climate legislation, let alone laws commensurate with the severity and urgency of the climate crisis. In his last session, Speaker Chopp has the chance to change that and focus his efforts on passing bold legislation to address climate change.

Action: Ask Speaker Chopp to Make Climate Change a Priority

If Speaker Chopp is your legislator, give him a call. If not, contact your state representatives and ask them to put on the pressure.

Speaker Frank Chopp, District 43: (206) 729 – 3223

For other legislative districts, use this map to identify your district and find contact info for your State House representatives:

Script for Speaker Chopp: “Hi my name is [NAME]. I am calling to ask that Speaker Chopp makes passing bold climate legislation his number one priority this legislative session. Speaker Chopp will leave behind an impressive legacy as Speaker of the House; however, unless the Speaker acts now, his legacy will be missing the issue that future generations will care about the most. I ask that Speaker Chopp makes climate his top priority this session.”

Script for other legislators: “Hi my name is [NAME]. Speaker Frank Chopp plans to step down after this upcoming legislative session. I am calling to ask that [Rep] encourage Speaker Chopp to use his last session to pass bold climate legislation. Climate change should be our number one priority this legislative session. I would like to see [Rep] and Speaker Chopp focus on addressing the threat of climate change to future generations.”

If you’d prefer, take 10 seconds to send an email to Speaker Chopp in your own words, asking that he make climate change a top priority this legislative session:

Background: If you haven’t already read about the newly released climate report, take a look at this summary or the report itself which is linked to in the article -