Consequences for DOL's Breach of Trust

Today’s action is a repeat of yesterday’s. We want to make sure that Gov. Inslee hears us on this issue and takes action immediately. If you did not call yesterday, call or email today! If you already called, share this post with friends and family in WA and encourage them to call too.

As we learned last month, the WA Dept. of Licensing failed to comply with Governor Inslee’s Executive Order prohibiting use of state agency resources to identify or apprehend immigrants for violations of federal immigration laws. This is an unforgivable breach of trust. We know that DOL’s violation of this Executive Order has already unleashed ICE  against one prominent immigrant activist, and it may have put many more of our neighbors and friends at risk of deportation by sharing their personal information with ICE.

Such a betrayal of our state’s values cannot be fixed by a few bureaucratic changes. The Latino Civic Alliance is calling for the resignation or termination of DOL director Koehler. 

Action: Ask Gov. Inslee to Fire WA DOL Director Pat Koehler

Don’t forget to fill out our call log so that we can track our impact:

Gov. Jay Inslee: (360) 902-4111, or email him using the link below.

Sample Script

“Hello! My name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ZIP]. I’m calling to support the Latino Civic Alliance’s call for the termination of Pat Koehler, the Director of the Washington Department of Licensing for DOL’s violation of the Governor’s Executive Order 17-01. Her agency facilitated the Trump administration’s attacks on our immigrant neighbors and friends by giving their personal information to ICE, against the Governor’s orders. She must be held accountable.”


Good News: Gov. Inslee Stood Up to Trump on Guns

While we’re calling to ask for Gov. Inslee’s help, it is important to remember what an excellent leader he is. In a White House meeting with governors, he stood up to Trump’s preposterous talk of arming teachers and pointed out that neither educators nor law enforcement want such a thing. Feel free to thank him for this show of leadership and solidarity while you’re on the phone!

Read about it here: