Strengthen Washington State's Carbon Tax Bill

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Action: Leave Comments on the Carbon Tax bill in the Washington State Senate

While Trump and his EPA director Scott Pruitt are doing everything they can to put more carbon into the atmosphere, the Washington State Senate has been advancing a carbon tax bill through the committee process. This is great news for the fight against climate change! But the bill has been watered down significantly from Gov. Inslee’s original proposal. The carbon price has been cut in half and exemptions added. Environmental justice advocates say the bill could do more to relieve workers in affected industries, and to consult with Tribal Governments.

Ask your State Senators to strengthen SB 6203, the Carbon Tax bill. Click on the following link to leave a comment, which will automatically email your State Senators:

SAMPLE SCRIPT: "I am writing to express my support for SB 6203, the Carbon Tax Bill. I am in support of the bill, but I believe it needs to be strengthened. The starting price per ton on carbon needs to be increased to $20, and the $30 cap should be increased or removed, in order to effectively reduce carbon emissions. The carbon price increases should take effect earlier, such as in 2020. There should be fewer business exemptions, to ensure that carbon emissions will come down. Also, please make sure the bill is equitable by increasing investment in communities disproportionately impacted by emissions reduction, and by consulting with tribal governments to ensure it meets their needs."

Use these links to get more information on the specifics of the carbon tax bill to inform your own comment, if desired.:

Tracked Changes to the 2018 Carbon Tax bill:

What Washington Democrats’ Environmental Caucus wants changed:

News article about the bill:


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