Authorize the NSA to fight Russian election hacking

US intelligence officials have warned Congress repeatedly that the Russian government has, and will continue to, interfere with U.S. elections.  With the 2018 midterm elections coming up, we can't afford to ignore this threat to free and fair elections in the US.  

Director of the NSA Admiral Michael Rogers has said his agency can't move ahead without authorization from Trump and Mattis.  Trump has ignored him.  Call your MOCs today and demand that they put pressure on James Mattis and President Trump to authorize a response to combat cyber attacks from the Russian government.

Don’t forget to fill out our call log so that we can track our impact:

Sen. Patty Murray: 202-224-2621 / 206-553-5545
Sen. Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441 / 206-220-6400
Rep. Pramila Jayapal: 202-225-3106 / 206-674-0040
Rep. Adam Smith: 202-225-8901 / 425-793-518


"My name is [name] and I’m calling from [city, zip]. I am calling today to express my outrage that President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis have failed to authorize a response to thwart Russia's cyber attacks on US elections.  Despite NSA Director Rogers's repeated warnings, Trump has done nothing.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  Please demand that President Trump do his job as Commander in Chief, and authorize the NSA to fight back. Please work with your colleagues in the [House/Senate] to encourage them to do the same. Thank you."


Trump’s National Security Chief Calls Russian Interference ‘Incontrovertible’ -

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