Stop the rush towards Arctic drilling

On Thursday the Trump administration took its first administrative step towards leasing areas in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies for drilling – in particular in the Beaufort Sea. According to environmental groups sounding the alarm, they are rushing through to the leasing stage in spite of an incomplete public review process, and despite ongoing lawsuits questioning the legality of Trump’s elimination of Obama-era drilling restrictions.

This move would be devastating both for global climate change and for the local environment and way of life. In a statement, Adrienne Titus of Native Movement said, “Rushing ocean lease sales in the Arctic is opening a threatening door of destruction to Alaska Native culture and food security. As an Inupiaq woman I oppose this threat to our future, the future of all Alaskans and all life on this planet. Opening the oceans to oil development would eliminate the chance of my grandchildren truly knowing who I am.”

There is an April 30th deadline to leave comments for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) against leasing drilling rights in the Beaufort Sea. In your comments you can emphasize the incomplete public review process, the questionable legality, and the impact on local communities. Click here to leave a public comment:

Tips on leaving BOEM comments:



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