Tell Seattle's City Council it's time to end homelessness

Today, the Seattle City Council will introduce legislation to fund new low-income housing, shelter, and services through a tax on large businesses like Amazon.

Here is a link to the draft legislation:…/progressive-tax-on-business

If you live in Seattle, this affects you!
Yes, ……You!

Last year over 8,500 people were counted homeless in Seattle, and over 22,000 low-income households were “severely rent-burdened” – paying over half their income in rent and utilities. Seattle can’t effectively address the homelessness crisis without a massive new investment in deeply affordable housing.

This is a good first step toward housing equity in Seattle. However, this proposal does not go far enough. We need much more transitional and shelter housing. The important thing is to tell the council loud and clear we won't stand for homelessness and housing inequity in Seattle. We need a much larger and significant investment in, and commitment to, addressing homelessness in Seattle. Is this proposal the answer? Maybe yes, maybe not. But tell the council that we MUST solve this problem. We are Seattle. We can do this.

There is a public hearing starting at 5:30pm at Seattle City Hall. Make your voice heard by participating.

Here is a Facebook event with more details:

If you can’t make it in person, email the city council. Tell them your opinion!