Demand Governor Inslee Fire WA DOL Director Pat Kohler

It’s time for Dept. of Licensing head Pat Kohler to go. We’ve called before, we are going to call again.  Today's action is part of a coordinated statewide effort accross many groups and we need your help.

Join us in calling Governor Inslee:

(360) 902-4111

Sample Script

“Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [ZIP]. I’m calling to urge Governor Inslee to remove Pat Kohler, Department of Licensing Director! DOL gave personal information to ICE and helped ICE identify and locate our immigrant neighbors, against the Governor’s Executive Order. They are now at risk of being ripped from their families and communities and being deported.  Pat Kohler's failed leadership affects thousands of state residents and she must be held accountable and removed. Do not allow her to hire a deputy director before she is removed!"


Under the DOL Director Pat Kohler’s leadership, the WA Dept. of Licensing failed to comply with Governor Inslee’s Executive Order prohibiting use of state agency resources to identify or apprehend immigrants for violations of federal immigration laws for a year after he issued it. This is an unforgivable breach of trust. We know that DOL’s violation of this Executive Order has already unleashed ICE against one prominent immigrant activist, and has put many more of our neighbors and friends at risk of deportation by sharing their personal information with ICE.  Though process improvements have been made since the Seattle Times broke the news of DOL’s violation of the Governor’s Executive Order, such as the requirement for court orders to obtain information, the damage has been done and cannot be undone.  The betrayal of our state’s values cannot be fixed by bureaucratic changes alone.  The DOL director must be held accountable and removed, for DOL’s violation of the Governor’s Executive Order and putting thousands of state residents at risk of losing their loved ones to detention and deportation.  Only her removal and an overhaul of DOL’s leadership can restore public trust in DOL.  This is why a broad coalition of 18 organizations statewide (see organizational logos below) call for DOL Director Kohler to be removed immediately.

Statements from Community Leaders

“I sat on the interview committee that recommended Pat Kohler for the Director’s position at DOL. It is now clear that she was the wrong person and that DOL needs to make changes to restore public trust and faith after the injustices committed against communities of color targeted by the federal Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). And those changes need to start at the top."
- Jeffrey G. Johnson, President, Washington State Labor Council

“LCA is asking Governor Inslee to ask for Pat Kohler to resign, and if she doesn't step down, he should use his executive power and remove her from the position. Stop with the excuses. We are prepared to support a new director that has strong leadership abilities and vision to change the culture at DOL and restore credibility”
- Nina Martinez, Latino Civic Alliance, Board Chair

“For years, DOL Director Pat Kohler failed to protect the privacy and personal data of Washington state residents and put thousands at risk of losing their families, homes and communities.  We ask the Governor to remove her immediately and replace her with leadership which will ensure DOL compliance with his Executive Order and respect for the privacy and dignity of all Washington State residents.”
-Diane Narasaki, Executive Director, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS)

For more information and statements from community leaders and representatives of the organizations below, please visit LCA’s website and click “READ FULL STATEMENT”.