Fighting Media Giant Sinclair (and this morning's Town Hall)

**EVENT THIS MORNING: March for Our Lives students are hosting a town hall on Saturday, April 7th, 10am at the Vera Project (corner of Warren and Republican near Key Arena), and invited all our state and national representatives to attend. Rep.’s Tarelton, Macri, and Pollet, and Sen. Pedersen are confirmed, but others (Sens. Murray and Cantwell) will be an empty chair. Let’s support these students:

This week a video went viral that juxtaposed dozens of Sinclair news anchors around the country being forced to read the same Trumpian propaganda inveighing against the free and adversarial press. Sinclair, which owns local news stations around the country, continues to force new anchors to read scripts like this and to air ‘must-run’ pro-Trump news segments - mixed in with your traffic and weather. They aim to turn your local news into Trump’s State TV.

There is no settled wisdom on the best way to fight back against this trend. But there ARE actions we can all take from home that have the potential to slow Sinclair’s expansion, and add to the backlash they face from running these propaganda segments:

1. Tell your local Sinclair-owned KOMO News to refuse to air conservative propaganda. Our friends at FUSE Washington allow you to do this in one click:

2. MoveOn is raising funds to fight Sinclair, including for a large ad campaign. Contribute to their efforts here:

3. As we saw last week with Laura Ingraham temporarily forced off the air, ad pressure works. Ask advertisers to pull their ad money from the local Sinclair-owned KOMO 4 News! The Stranger has compiled a running list. Pick a company, especially one you are a customer of, and send them an email:

5th Avenue Theatre -
Allen & Nolte PLLC -
Argosy Cruises -
Beacon Plumbing -
Bernard Law Group -
Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning -
CHI Franciscan -
Emerald Queen Casino -
Fox Plumbing & Heating -
Fred Meyer -
Get.Wa.Gov -
Jurassic Tour -
Kaiser Permanente of Washington -
Muckleshoot Casino -
Northwest Clinical Research Center -
Northwest Spa Show -
Pacific Heating and Cooling -
Phillips Law Firm -
Roy Robinson RV -
SHAG Tukwila Village -
Seattle Cancer Care -
Seattle Theatre Group -
Snoqualmie Casino -
Sound Transit -
United Healthcare -
Western Washington Honda Dealers -

Here’s the Stranger’s recommendation on how to approach these companies: “The goal here isn’t to put local advertisers out of business; it’s to send a message to Sinclair that we don’t want their must-runs and we don’t them interfering in local news. I will repeat myself: We're not asking you not to spend your money at these businesses, but to express your desire that they stop advertising with Sinclair.”



Resist Trump Tuesday continues on Tuesday, April 10 at 11:45 a.m. outside the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, with speakers Eric Gonzalez, Chair of the Healthy Washington Coalition and Jackie Vaughn, Racial Equity Coordinator for FUSE Washington.

Followed by a meeting with our Senators’ Staffers!


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