Get ready to win some elections!

Step one: Vote!

Sounds easy enough, but unfortunately many people throughout our state do not participate.  Sometimes it’s by choice, but often people think they are registered when they aren’t or have an old address on file.  Luckily Washington State makes it extremely easy to check.  The 2018 midterms may be the most consequential election in our country’s history.  

Make sure you’re able to participate.

Use the link below to verify your voter registration and address are current.

You’re good to go?  Great!  

Now forward that link to a friend.  We need all the help we can get!

You’re not registered?!?

Not to worry.  Just follow the prompts to register online right there.  If you have a Washington State driver license or State ID card, you can register online until July 9th to vote in the primaries, but why wait?  Just go ahead and get it done today.

Step two:  Get others excited to vote by knocking on some doors and making some calls

Here are just a couple events this weekend:

Knock on some doors for Rep. Jayapal in Shoreline today! (5/19)
10AM to 2PM.  Meet at 167th and Freemont Ave (Richmond Highlands Park).

Make some calls for Stacey Abrams, a Georgia gubernatorial candidate.  She would be our country's first Black womxn governor! 

To quote VP Biden.  “This is a big F____n Deal!”

This Sunday 5/20 at The Quad at UW from 1-4PM
The phone bank will be taking place in Savery Hall Room 140.


Hope to see you all there!