Don’t Give in to Corporate Blackmail


Facing an unprecedented crisis in homelessness, the Seattle City Council is grinding its way toward passing a “head tax” on very large businesses whose growth here has been a driving force in raising rents. On Wednesday, Amazon responded to the proposed legislation with an extraordinary threat to halt new construction and leasing in Seattle.

This kind of corporate blackmail is unacceptable. 12,000 homeless Seattleites need housing and services the $75 million fund the tax would create, and Amazon could find its estimated $20 million share in the corporate couch cushions. The final vote on the head tax is expected on May 14th. Call your three City Councilmembers (one for your district and two “at-large”) and urge them to stand up to Amazon’s bullying.

Action: Tell Seattle City Council you support the large business “head tax” to fight homelessness

At large (city-wide) Councilmembers:

- Teresa Mosqueda  206-684-8806

- Lorena Gonzalez  206-684-8802

Find the name and phone number for your District City Councilmember  here:


“My name is [name] and I’m a constituent in Seattle. I’m calling because  it is urgent that we fund large–scale solutions to our housing affordability crisis, and I believe that the proposed employee head tax for very large businesses is an appropriate approach. Don’t let wealthy corporations like Amazon intimidate you, pass the head tax to put roofs over the heads of our poorest neighbors.”


Upcoming event:

Rally to Defend Workers Rights and Reject New Seasons Market:

May 9 at 9:30 am or 5:00 pm

951 NW Ballard Way in Seattle.

New Seasons Market is an anti-union grocery store funded by the Murdock Trust, an anti-LGBT investor. Labor groups are joining together to protest the opening of a New Seasons Market in Ballard. Join them!

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