It's a state's right to give its residents health care

Thanks for the calls you made yesterday to our Senators on universal health care! Let's keep the pressure up and do it again today.

Also, we hope that you'll us at a rally on Sunday in Westlake Park to tell the Trump administration that Families Belong Together. RSVP here: or read to the bottom for more information.


Rep. Pramila Jayapal proposed legislation on Monday that would allow states to redirect the money they receive for health care to funding "state-based universal health care systems."[1] This would allow, say, Washington, Oregon, and California to band together to offer a single-payer health care system to all of their residents. It is, needless to say, a BFD. (Thanks, Joe.)

Now, we're not pollyannaish. We know that—despite all of his talk about the importance of states' rights[2]—Paul Ryan is not likely to let this bill come to the floor of the House during this session, but Pramila Jayapal is 100% right about progressives needing to offer real propositions for America, and not just opposition to the President.

Meanwhile, no Senator has yet stepped up to introduce a piece of companion legislation. Patty Murray is the ranking Democrat on the committee responsible for health care, and Maria Cantwell is running for reelection, and so it seems that either of them would be good candidates to step up and introduce this legislation in the Senate.

Today's Action: Ask our Senators to propose state-based universal health care legislation in the Senate

Sample Script:

"Hi, this is {NAME} calling from {CITY, ZIP}. I heard that Congresswoman Jayapal announced legislation to give states the right to spend federal dollars on universal health care, and I want to ask {Senator} to introduce companion legislation in the Senate."

You should feel free to include your own personal stories when you call. These are *super important* to the impact of your call. For instance, you might say that you wish you could start your own small business here in Washington, but can't afford to lose your employer health care, or, if you or a family member has a critical medical condition, as many people do, that they may be at risk of losing their life. And I don't say this to be flippant. There are plenty of people (some in this group) for whom this is literally the case. 

Call both:

  • Sen. Patty Murray - 1-206-553-5545
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell - 1-206-220-6400

Bonus Action

Call Pramila Jayapal's office to thank her for being a bold progressive voice in the House and leading by example on health care.

"Hi, my name is {NAME} and I'm calling from {CITY, ZIP}. I want to thank the Congresswoman for introducing the State-Based Universal Health Care Act. I have called Senators Cantwell and Murray to ask them to introduce similar legislation in the Senate, and I hope that the Congresswoman continues to stand strong for people like me."

Rep. Pramila Jayapal - 1-206-674-0040

Event: Families Belong Together / Familias Unidas No Divididas

Join the Rally, on Fathers Day, June 17th, at noon, in Westlake Park and stand in solidarity with asylum seekers who have been separated from their children.


More Info

[1] "Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Introduces Bill to Help States Fund Single-Payer Health Care":

[2] One of our favorite examples is this tweet where Paul Ryan said about REPEALING THE ACA: "We are going around the federal government and back to states' rights. This is enormous conservative reform." -