Tell our Senators to FIGHT for us

Did you catch Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night? She devoted her opening segment, the 'A block,' to our fight over Anthony Kennedy's Supreme Court seat. Rachel lays out in pretty clear detail what folks like us can do to stop this seat from being handed to another judge hand-picked by the ultra-conservative Federalist Society, just like Neil Gorsuch.

Watch the entire segment if you can. It gave us a sense of hope, purpose, and direction:

But, if you don't have the 25 minutes to spare, here's the gist:

Hunkering down and expecting this whole thing to blow over won't work. But, we have picked up another Senate seat since the Gorsuch fight and John McCain is unlikely to be present for any votes, which means that Republicans cannot afford to lose even a single vote—but only if the Senate Democrats stick together. And that's where you come into play: be an activist and FIGHT, and you can help prevent the Supreme Court from undoing so much of the progress we've made as a society over the last sixty years.

Action: Tell our Senators to FIGHT for us

Please call your Senators right now and tell them to make a public statement that they will not confirm anyone on Trump’s shortlist for Supreme Court.  

  • Sen. Patty Murray:--DC 202-224-2621; Seattle 206-553-5545
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell--DC 202-224-3441; Seattle 206-220-6400


"My name is [NAME], and I am a constituent in [CITY,ZIP]. We need [SENATOR] to be a fighter and say she will not confirm anyone on Trump's ultra-conservative Supreme Court nominee shortlist. Will [SENATOR] publicly commit to standing against Trump's picks and be a fighter for women's rights, LGBT rights, and voting rights?"



June 29, 4 - 8PM

Art Build and Teach-In: Ending Family Detention

Join the Pramila Jayapal Campaign at the School of Visual Concepts to make posters in the letterpress studio for the protest on Saturday. They will also be hosting a teach-in to offer context and history regarding family separation and strategies for exerting long-term pressure to keep families safe and free.  Please RSVP here:

Or find more details on Facebook:

June 30, 11AM

Families Belong Together Rally at Seatac Federal Detention Center

Rally against family separation at the border and other immigrant rights abuses.
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Every Weekday, 8AM - 10AM

Vigils at the Seattle ICE office

Join Community Alliance for Global Justice for a daily week-day (M-F) VIGIL FOR HUMAN RIGHTS in front of the Seattle ICE office, 1000 2nd Ave (between Spring and Madison in downtown Seattle). More details at

Reminder: Turn in I-1631 Petitions ASAP if you want them to be counted!