Train to Register Voters with Seattle Indivisible

**REMINDER: Ballots are due back in the Washington State primaries by August 7! Check your voter registration status today at

As the Oct. 8th voter registration deadline approaches, Seattle Indivisible volunteers continue registering new voters in the 8th District (yes, it's flippable if everyone votes).

Anyone who would like to help but hasn't yet received voter registration training, or need a refresher--now is your chance! In a breakout section during our regular weekly 7-9PM meeting, we will be training volunteers on how to register voters:

Voter Registration Training
Tuesday, August 7
7:00pm to 9pm
Washington State Labor Council
321 16th Ave S., Seattle, Washington 98144

So that we have enough training supplies and a reasonable training room size, If you are planning to attend, please click "going" on the following Facebook event. Thanks!

Once you attend a training you will be added to the volunteer roster for our voter registration activities!

If you are unable to attend, as your daily action please consider either signing up for a shift or lending some monetary support (no matter how big or small!) to these amazing organizations that are registering and getting voters to the polls via text:

If you have already been trained in registering voters and would like to be added to the list, or if you'd like to get more involved in organizing, please reply to with your contact information.

Now let's register some voters and take back the House!


GOOD NEWS: Councilmember Kohl-Welles has withdrawn her support for additional public funding for Safeco Field in favor of funding affordable housing (our ask from Saturday’s daily action!).