Ask our State Legislators to Take Steps Towards Criminal Justice Reform

We have two actions for you today:

  1. An action from the folks at the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State.

  2. VOTE! And then return your special election ballot! It doesn't require a stamp! Return it! Today!

Today's Action: Ask your Senator to support HB 1282 and SB 5328

Please take part in the ACLU of Washington's call-to-action to decriminalize DWLS3 (Driving While License Suspended in the Third Degree) and improve our state's criminal justice system by filling in the form on the page that is linked to below:

The Senate bill (SB5328) was heard in the Senate Law and Justice Committee on Thursday, Jan 31st. If you want to watch it, you can do so here: — fast forward 1 hour, 40 min, 10 sec to watch the hearing.

These bills will reform DWLS3 to keep more drivers licensed and insured, and to free up scarce criminal justice resources. A DWLS3 charge typically occurs when a driver receives a ticket for a moving violation (such as speeding or failing to signal) and does not comply with deadlines to pay the ticket or appear in court to contest it. The failure to pay or appear leads to license suspension, and if the person is later stopped while driving, a DWLS3 charge may be filed. Treating DWLS3 as a crime does not work. DWLS3 reform does not threaten public safety. Law enforcement has other tools available to deal with drivers who are actually dangerous. DWLS3 reform will keep drivers licensed and insured.

Again, please go to this page and fill in the form:

Bonus Action: VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Seattle's schools depend on voter-approved property tax levies in order to continue functioning. The February 12, 2019 special election, for which you will already have a ballot, includes a measure to reapprove the necessary levies. Please take the time to vote. If you have not received your ballot yet, you can find out what's going on and request a replacement from