Senators: Thank You and Keep It Up! #NoWall #EndTrumpShutdown

Official Daily Action for Wednesday January 9, 2019

Yesterday, Senate Democrats listened to you and stood up to Trump and McConnell on the wall and the #TrumpShutDown. 44 Senators blocked a Middle East policy bill until McConnell brings a clean, no-wall budget up for a vote. Our Senators were among them. Let's thank them, and ask them to keep it up!

  • Sen. Patty Murray--DC 202-224-2621; Seattle 206-553-5545

  • Sen. Maria Cantwell--DC 202-224-3441; Seattle 206-220-6400


“Hello, I’m [name] from [city, zip]. I'm calling to the thank the Senator for blocking business-as-usual in the Senate until a clean no-wall budget is brought up for a vote. I want to thank her for listening to her constituents on this critical issue, and ask her to keep blocking votes until McConnell calls a vote on the same funding bill that passed the Senate unanimously last month."