Get White Nationalists Out of Washington State Government

Washington State Representative Matt Shea has a weekly radio show on which he spews anti-Muslim rhetoric, fringe ideals of seceding from Washington to create a 51st state, and absurd conspiracy theories accusing liberals of planning to slaughter conservatives in America. He recently admitted to distributing a pamphlet entitled "The Biblical Basis for War." Yet, large corporations are still funding this man!

Thanks to Indivisible Eastside for the action below!

Action: Tell Corporations to Stop Supporting Matt Shea

White Nationalism is alive and well in Washington State, thanks to State Representative Matt Shea. Shea’s corporate donors must denounce his actions and recognize that if they fund him, they are also funding the growth of White Nationalism in Washington State. Tweet Shea’s donors and urge them to stop funding Shea’s efforts to spread his dangerous, extremist ideology. Several of Shea’s corporate donors have already done the right thing and pledged to stop supporting his campaign, so we know public pressure can work!

If you have a Twitter account, take action by tweeting at as many of his donors as possible (listed below). A list of all of their twitter handles is available here:

To contact via another format see each corporation's contact page below:



Weyerhaeuser Company:

Rental Housing Association of WA:

Altria Client Services:

American Chemistry Council:

Anheuser-Busch Company:

Novartis Finance Corporation:

PMSA Washington State:

SABEY Corporation:

Puget Sound Pilots:

Washington Bankers Association:


Washington State Dental PAC:

Washington Beverage Association:

Sample Script:

"(Company Name), I urge you not to donate to Washington State Representative Matt Shea or his allies. Shea has used his influence as a legislator — and his weekly broadcast radio show — to spread his dangerous, extremist ideology throughout Washington State. Stop supporting Shea and his Washington GOP allies until House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox expels him from their caucus. Thank you for your time and attention."