Planned Parenthood Lobby at State Legislature

Official Daily Action for February 13, 2019

One of the best ways we can fight the Trump agenda is to pass good laws at the state level. This year, the Washington State Legislature has a strong democratic majority, so we have a great opportunity. Planned Parenthood has asked for our help with some exciting state bills:

The Healthier Youth Act (HB1407/SB5393) requires comprehensive sex ed in all public schools

The Reproductive Health Access for All Act (HB1612/SB5602) fills gaps in health care for our immigrant and trans communities

ACTION 1: Go to Olympia and Lobby our State Legislature

Can you make it down to Olympia today or Friday? Planned Parenthood has asked for people to attend hearings on these two bills

Today, Wednesday 2/13 1:30pm Healthier Youth Act hearing

Friday 2/15 8:00am Reproductive Health Access for All Act

Room numbers and locations are here

Action 2: Call your state representatives

Whether or not you can make it to Olympia, call and let your state representatives know that you want them to support these bills

Call the Washington State Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000, give them your name and address, and they will take a message for your State Senator and Legislators.


(after giving your name and address and having them look up your reps)

I'm calling in support of The Healthier Youth Act (HB1407/SB5393), to provide comprehensive sex education for all public school students in Washington, and The Reproductive Health Access for All Act (HB1612/SB5602), to fill gaps in care for immigrant and trans people in Washington. I want kids to have the information they need to make healthy choices about their bodies, and I want everyone in Washington to have access to care.