Keep Washington Working Act Must Pass Ways and Means this Week

Official Daily Action for Wednesday February 27, 2019

The Keep Washington Working Act, which protects immigrant Washingtonians, must pass out of the State Senate Ways and Means Committee by March 1 (This Friday), or it is dead for the year.

Seattle Indivisible has endorsed the Keep Washington Working Act (SB-5497). The Act would acknowledge immigrant contributions to this state, and prohibit WA agencies, law enforcement and schools from serving as federal immigration enforcement officers.

There is a hearing today, Feb 27, at 1:30. Again, it must pass out of this committee THIS WEEK, or it is dead for the year.

Action 1: Call your State Senator

If your State Senator is on the list below, please call and tell them how important it is to you to pass this bill. Please don't call State Senators for districts other than your own.

Action 2: Share this action with your friends and relatives who may be in these districts

Whether or not your State Senator is on the Committee, please share this action with friends and relatives in Washington State who may be in these districts.

Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee members near Seattle:

  • Carlyle, Reuven (D) LD-36: (360) 786-7670

  • Pedersen, Jamie (D) LD-43: (360) 786-7628

  • Rolfes, Christine (D) LD-23 (Chair): (360) 786-7644

  • Frockt, David (D) LD-46: (360) 786-7690

  • Mullet, Mark (D) LD-5: (360) 786-7608

  • Darneille, Jeannie (D) LD-27: (360) 786-7652

  • Hasegawa, Bob (D) LD-11: (360) 786-7616

  • Keiser, Karen (D) LD-33: (360) 786-7664

  • Liias, Marko (D) LD-21: (360) 786-7640

  • Palumbo, Guy (D) LD-1: (360) 786-7600

  • Bailey, Barbara (R) LD-10: (360) 786-7618

  • Conway, Steve (D) LD-29: (360) 786-7656

You can look up your State Senator on the Legislative District Finder at or, call the Legislative Hotline, 1-800-562-6000 (TTY for Hearing Impaired 800.833.6388). When you call the hotline, phone answerers will determine who your legislators are, take down your message, and ensure the message is transmitted to your legislator. Hotline staff can also answer questions about legislative process and committee assignments.


Today, Wed. Feb. 27, 9am-3pm, at the State Capitol in Olympia

Washington’s Paramount Duty Lobby Day in Olympia

Washington's Paramount Duty lobbies for increased funding for K-12 Education. Seattle Public Schools lost funding in last year's compromise, and will have a 20% shortfall for next school year if that doesn't get addressed.