Election on Tuesday: Remember to vote!

The forecast calls for two more snowstorms coming in the next three days, but the deadline to get your ballot in is still this Tuesday. Though your ballot can be postmarked until Tuesday, in the event the postal service is disrupted in the storms, we strongly recommend you get your ballot in TODAY if you have not already.

If you've lost your ballot, you can get a replacement here:


You can track the status of your ballot here:


Since we've already asked you to vote several times this week, we wanted to give you something new as an action: repealing those confusing, expensive, and likely unconstitutional "Advisory Votes" that appear on your ballot every November.

Action: End Tim Eyman's Advisory Votes

The Washington State Legislature is considering Sen. Patty Kuderer's bill, SB5224 to repeal Tim Eyman's I-960, which requires any tax increase be submitted to the ballot for a nonbinding advisory vote. As Northwest Progressive Institute argues, this is an expensive publicly funded push poll, and is in violation of the Washington State Constitution. You can read more of their argument here:


Please submit a comment to all three of your state legislators (two representatives and one senator) in favor of SB5224 here:




Our regularly scheduled Resist Trump Tuesday rally this Tuesday, February 12, has been CANCELLED due to continuing inclement weather. Please join us on Tuesday, 2/26 for a meeting with House staffers.


Looking forward to 2020? Swing Left is already starting to contact voters in swing states about that election. Find out how you can help at https://swingleft.org/p/super-state-strategy